For starters…

It’s springtime right?

  • Squeeze half a lemon and drink it diluted with some water.
  • Boil 1 liter water with fresh sliced ginger.
  • Meditate – see below.
  • Drink 2 cups ginger and save the rest for your nightcap. Respect your night’s rest.
  • Blend fresh and/or frozen fruit to go with your breakfast.
  • You’re ready for the day!

Guidelines for Meditation

  • Sit on the floor or on a chair with your two feet on the ground with a straight back.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Make it quit inside, there will be always some noise outside you can’t control, focus on yourself.
  • Let thoughts go by, don’t hold on to them, watch them floating by.
  • Let go of tensions, observe your body, relax consciously, feel and unbend.
  • Keep your back straight and breath naturally to your belly.
  • Meantime listen to this track – Oriental Awakening Meditation Edit

First time you’ll need at least 30 minutes.
Exercise, repeat daily and you can do it in track time…
Do this, you’ll be rewarded… by yourself.

(You can use also the basic-version of 10 minutes afterwards, CLICK HERE!
And also in 3 minutes for a short upload, CLICK HERE!)

These are guidelines instead of rules. Find your own flow and let us know how you do it your way. We’re really curious about it.

Let us know, in a comment below!

What happens

When you consciously relax your body and mind, you give your immune system the chance to do its job. The healthy drinks in the beginning of the day will help you expel toxics out of your body. Music helps you by giving an inner massage by its vibrations, an extra push for the toxics to leave your body. You can easily reinforce that by humming and singing along. Just do it. Don’t be occupied with your thoughts, because they will hold you in your tension by making you believe you have to hum/sing in tune… There no such thing… There is only one tune and that’s yours! Bring it out now! Please! We’ll thank you for it already.

Annouschka & Dieter
Cleansing Body & Mind.

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To Be Continued…

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