How Brasuco was born

Brasuco was grown from the idea to transfer some Brazilian flavors into a smoothie and take it along the way to enjoy your day to the fullest with new energy. It was a dream in a cup or bottle to be spreaded all over at events and companies. It started in 2010 with the first tasting of açaí in Belém do Pará on the market place in Brazil and travelling to Rio de Janeiro where you could buy it on the beaches. From that day it found its way to Belgium. Together with so many exotic flavors, Brasuco offered a variety of more than 40 mixtures of juices, smoothies and milkshakes. Also the typical pastel and empada were on the menu. Salads, sweet and salty crepes, … and later on even the homemade ‘sucolé, fresh fruit on a stick’ popsicles with a Brazilian twist.

Today Brasuco is a total concept of healthy food and lifestyle. It’s no longer a bar or a foodtruck. It’s a full service of catering, coaching, workshops, retreats, seminars, teambuilding with only healthy vegan, plantbased and holistic food and lifestyle.

For you who want to learn more about a healthy food and lifestyle, but don’t know where to start, I’m here for you with a team of experts who know their way to guide you.

There is me, Annouschka, founder and owner of Brasuco : specialised and certified cook and caterer in plantbased & vegan food, rawfood & smoothies. Also expert in guiding you into a holistic, cleaner , sustainable and biological way of living.

Massages, as you prefer deep tissue, sports or ayurvedic , relaxing or more energizing massage, we can offer that as well for 30’ or 60’. I’m also a certified sport masseuse and have practiced several other massages while travelling and at my private practice near Ghent.

For Music, we work with Dieter and Karel , 2 passionate music artists who also perform with other artists. They are really playing all kinds of instruments that will lead you through your journey to relax, reload and connect with yourself.

Meditation is an inner journey that helps you to take time for yourself, but also to connect with yourself. Learning how to meditate, is not to get better at meditating but to become better in life. There is guided meditation in person or in group.

Yoga is a part of our service, especially when you want to join a session during a workshop or seminar. Our teachers can be locals and international. We work in locations like de groene vallei, de punt, the loft, … Especially in combination with natural food and live music sessions, this can be a fantastic experience for your team or collegues.

Dancing is another way of connecting, but also learning how to breath, count and feel the rythm. The choice of the Brazilian zouk, in all it’s forms, is a fantastic experience for singles and couples. We work with people from Ghent, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and International artists to bring you the best.

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