How to raise your frequency by music?

How to relax, meditate and heal in 10 minutes?

Sit on the floor or on a chair with your two feet on the ground, back straight.

  • Close your eyes.
  • Breath to your belly… now let go… you’ll breathing naturally further on.
  • Relax consciously… if you notice a tension… unbend.
  • Feel the music… feel how it’s vibrations is massaging your inner.
  • Let your sound arise from within… humming, a syllable… whatever… it’s Your sound.
  • Hold your back straight, relax consciously.
  • Feel Your sound.
  • Hum, sing and feel… repeat… hold on to that feeling… take that feeling with you during the day!

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(If you’re comfortable with it, you can use the short version for a quick upload, CLICK HERE!
And you can go for a deep dive for 20 minutes, CLICK HERE!)

2 thoughts on “How to raise your frequency by music?

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