Popeye Smoothie

with spinach, almond drink, agave inulin probiotics, spirulina, banana🍌

The spirulina is a powerful powder that can be used to not feel hungry for a long time, or we call it a superfood. It has a lot of beneficial vitamins and minerals. It’s antioxidant, anti- inflammatory, anti-cancer, lowers blood-pressure, helps to lower cholesterol,… Just try and taste it! The greener, the cleaner! 😄

Try to stay clean and healthy, your body needs it to build up your immunity so it can fight naturally against viruses and other toxicity. Make sure you ventilate your house regularly to get fresh oxigen. Beware of molds in your house and remove old stuff that is losing bad / toxic air like old furnitures, carpets, plastics, chemicals in cleaning products or paints, chemical cosmetics, non organic hair and washing products,…
Tip: do your spring-cleanup and declutter so you can breath again. 

Lots of love,

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