Vegan Thai wok


  • pumpkin 🎃 ,
  • paksoi 🥬 ,
  • carrots 🥕 ,
  • romanesco or broccoli 🥦 ,
  • tofu.

Add some

  • lemonleafs,
  • lemongrass,
  • Thai basil,
  • curry,
  • young onion,
  • coconutmilk,
  • teriyake,
  • Thai tamari sauce,
  • coconutblossomsugar,
  • cocoamino.

When you have some veggies and leftovers, you can make a delicious nutritious dish in no time. First steam your veggies. In the meantime put your spices with coconut 🥥 oil (on high temperature) and add the sliced tofu until it’s a little crusty. 
Then your veggies all together in the wok with the onion . When everything has the spices around, start to put the sauces and at the end the cocnut milk with the fresh herbs on top. 

Bon appetit!

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