Musician, composer and producer

My passion is playing with sounds and vibrations, acoustic instruments and singing. I know everybody has a voice and I realise everyone of you has the ability to use that voice for your own good. In the woods and the fields I watch and listen to the birds, to learn from their songs.

hau ∫ .


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20 minute-tracks

among others things ideal for your daily meditation

  • 🎹 Trilogy des Tertes – Les Variations des Tertres / Les FΓ©es jouant des Tertres / L’Γ©volution dorienne 🎩
  • πŸ—£οΈ Power Rondo – Live Your Live / High Priestess / Nduu-di-di (Live Your Live) / Welcome Disappearance / Live Your Live (reprise) 🎢
  • πŸŒ„ Oriental Awakening (music) / Oriental Awakening (vid) 🎬

30 minutes till 1 hour

for a deep relaxation, meditation and healing

5 to 10 minutes

for a short power med

Less than 5 minutes

compile your own soundtrack!

Small things

with great impact

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in the gentleness of human,
therein is the power to live